Turtle Run

The Turtle Run

The Turtle Run is a novel that deftly weaves an experience of modern day Barbados with the intriguing ancestry of the Redlegs, the descendants of the Monmouth Rebels sent from England to the colonies in the late 1600’s.

After losing her job and her direction in life, Becky was thrilled when she got the opportunity to research British rebel history in Barbados.

Plantation house, Redlegs, Barbados

However, the Caribbean paradise isn’t all that it seems. The old plantation house is beautiful but lonely, and the locals are unhelpful.

As her research becomes an obsession, one of the rebel descendants, who still works the same land as his ancestors, begins to get a hold on her mind. Is she living in a fantasy, or is this really an island of long memories? She soon finds that she is not the only one being led by the past…

Although the Turtle Run is contemporary, and has a strong romantic element, it also has a historical aspect to it as the protagonist (Becky) is tasked with researching the fate of the Monmouth Rebels in Barbados.

After their defeat at the Battle of Sedgemoor in Somerset in 1685 the Monmouth rebels (who were not killed in battle or executed afterwards) were shipped to the colonies as indentured workers. Not all of the rebels survived the horrific conditions aboard the ships that left Weymouth and Bristol. Those who died were recorded as being ‘buried at sea’, i.e. their bodies were thrown overboard. The term Redlegs included Scottish and Irish indentured labourers as well as the Monmouth rebels. They were referred to as Redlegs due to their inability to adapt to sun exposure. Despite a General Pardon in 1686, few rebels were ever able to return to their homeland.

An underlying theme throughout the book is how people’s lives are influenced by the fate of their ancestors.

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Redlegs Who Knew?
“A good read and, once started, very hard to put down. A rare glimpse into life and history of Barbados woven into a romance.”

By Sanday K Elliott: February 19, 2016


A lovely read – highly recommended!

“The Turtle Run begins in England and when the scene is set you find that you are suddenly transported to the magical island of Barbados where you will be completely engrossed. Covering a subject that is avoided by many, the book touches on white slavery in the 17th century so you get a good chunk of history thrown in too. The author writes well; the characters are engaging and set the scene for a thoroughly good romantic read. I really enjoyed it and highly recommend.”

By Rosy3683: August 23, 2016


Barbados in the sixties

Barbados in the sixties